Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Trial - 2 days 10 hour Class

As-salam and hi there!

This is how did the class was introduced. Pn Devi been calling several times. But due to few circumstances by both parties, we kept postponing the class. Until one fine Friday evening, she came to our humble class. She said she could not postpone the class anymore. Her daughters keep on asking when she's going to bake the cake. She bought the pre-mix cake already. But she told her daughters, she will not bake the cake until she attended the cake deco class. After listening to her major problems, I gave her a solution. Instead of having one whole day - 8 hour class, I gave her an option of 2 days - 10hour class. 5 hours per day. Should be just nice for the Mr Hubby to look after the lil one.

2 days 10 hour class is more relax. Ample time. No rush - rush. Ideas flow easily.  In fact I managed to teach her Roses, 100% made of buttercreams. And more flowers that you can create with tip#104. Instead icing the cake at the beginning of the class, we concentrated on piping techniques. Then apply the techniques on cupcakes.

Hence on the second day, more towards icing and decorating the cakes. Since she decorated 6 cupcakes the day before, she had 6 cupcakes left. With piping henna experiences, she made henna design as decoration motives. And made this beautiful complete set of 6" cake and 6 cupcakes.

Yupp... I made only a rose and 2 fantasy flowers. The rest, she did it herself. Even her mom couldn't believe her work of art. Stunningly beauty for a 1st timer.

These photos were from her Facebook